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Solutions Dominicana provides a talented and experienced team who bring together years of experience in providing back office support and customer service along with other outsourcing solutions in English, Spanish and French to a variety of industries.

Solutions Dominicana enables companies to reach their true profit and quality potential through the use of our first class and unique outsourcing solutions.

Solutions Dominicana recognizes that making a "Profit" in today's highly competitive market is forcing many companies to significantly reduce their back office expenses. These companies are looking for a solution that enables them not only to reduce their expenses, but also improve their support and quality. This is why more and more companies are outsourcing back office functions and turning to companies like Solutions Dominicana.

Our seasoned team coupled with the latest in telecommunications technology can better manage all aspects of your back office functions such as customer service, collections, and technical support more efficiently and for significantly less money. The reason is that the majority of our agents and managers are located off shore in the Dominican Republic where cost for facilities and labor are far less expensive.

However, we are not on the other side of the world such as India or Pakistan. Therefore, doing business with us is easy since we are only one and half hours from Miami. In addition, we are often located within the same time zone as our clients and can therefore provide better support and services than any other location on earth.

News: Solutions Dominicana opens its latest station located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in order to better serve its clients.

Regardless of your outsourcing needs, Solutions Dominicana is ready to provide the most cost effective and multilingual options to meet and exceed your expectations.

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